As a wedding and portrait photographer, I strive to create images that tell the story of your life with beauty and grace, respect and imagination. Foregoing forced smiles and stiff poses, I embrace natural smiles and expressions in order to create images that have a unique freshness and vitality and a heartfelt and emotional authenticity.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If you've got a guitar and a lot of soul,
just bang something out and mean it.
You're the superstar.
Krist Novoselic

Sometimes, at the beginning of a session, I burn a few frames just to do a light check. I want to make certain that the camera sees what I see. Once, I got the perfect storm: a little superstar that wanted to play me a song + a pair of brown eyes that just soaked up all the light. She brought the guitar and the soul. And a simple light check became much more.

Rock on, Charlotte.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!!! I would give anything to be able to get you to Dallas to photograph my Goddaughter. I'm not giving up on that idea......

  2. omg! how cute and creative! love this shot.