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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Funny Valentine

My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favorite work of art.
Rodgers & Hart

I have the sweetest Valentine this year. With the most fitting name.

Meet Bloom. In August, we adopted him from a rabbit sanctuary in Maryland. He came with the adorable name, and the even more adorable ears. We decided to adopt a second rescue rabbit as a companion for Nibby, and I fell in love with this little bachelor through his online profile. Not only is he categorically handsome, but he has a story that broke my heart. And, like all pets with a past, he deserves so much more.

He's serious, yet funny. Really funny. And smart, and devoted. And small enough to hide in your shoe.

And incredibly difficult to photograph.

I had big plans for his photographic reveal. But, as any pet photographer knows, plans don't mean much when your subject's mind is completely id-ridden, impervious to any attempts at rapport through the lens. In fact, for a majority of the session, Bloom was preoccupied with whether the shutter was going to eat him. Needless to say, Bloom took my creative plans and metaphorically shredded them with his teeny, tiny teeth. It would have been easier to photograph a four-generation family of 25 in matching denim-on-denim at noon on Christmas Day. After all, they wouldn't tear down your background or put their feet on your lens.

But, I'm slowly learning that the best rewards take time. Sometimes, you have to wait. And try again. And the waiting teaches you patience. Bloom had to wait 5 years for the sweet life; I suppose I can wait a little longer for the photographs I've planned. His story, told over time, is perhaps even sweeter.

Happy, happy Valentine's Day ... especially to those who are waiting, or who have had to wait. Try on a little bit of patience, for your sweet life is just around the corner.


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