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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Layer Cake

What a delicious layer cake.

Two scrumptious layers of vanilla, sandwiching an inner layer of smooth, lip-smacking chocolate ganache.

Alright. I feel compelled to tell you that these session albums are really covered in white ostrich, warm brown patent, and white snakeskin. (All animal-friendly materials.) But they still look delicious. They are beautiful on a coffee table, stacked like a layer cake on a bookshelf, or even tucked in your briefcase to take to the office.

Mmm ... getting hungry. There are so many flavors!

And, thanks to such great client feedback, I've improved the recipe for 2010: these session albums are now offered in a larger 8x8 size. I still love the 5x5 format, though, and I recommend them for grandparent albums.

So, be tempted. Give in to your artistic sweet tooth. These session albums are the ultimate indulgence. You don't have to do any crunches, they don't break any new year resolutions, and you don't have to hide them from yourself. In fact, their value only increases with each passing year. (Quite unlike a Hershey bar. Unless you are truly a chocoholic, and then I just can't help you.)

Since these albums are all hand crafted, I'm scheduling sessions now for Valentine's Day. You deserve some sweetness in 2010!

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  1. I have the white snakeskin at my studio in 8x8 as a guest sign-in book for my brides. They go crazy over it each time they see it.