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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Finish Line

We've reached the finish line of 2009.  Many people in many places are making resolutions for our individual life marathons in 2010.  Secretly, I've always loved resolutions: an unlimited number of promises to try new things, release bad habits and improve your life.  But, often we are reminded that life is not perfect, and trying to make it so will drive us crazy.  A goal of perfection, while lofty and tempting, can give us cramps that knock us right out of the race.  These surprise reminders make us realize that just attempting, and, in the most blessed of days, finishing, is the most respectable goal.  And these - most certainly - are reasons to celebrate.

When I read The Finish Line in one of my favorite sources of inspiration, Skirt Magazine, I immediately ripped it out.  Although the words are not mine, I recreated them in photoshop to create this visual reminder of life's preciousness.  For my desk, my dresser, or smack on the fridge.  Wherever I need it the most.

So, go ahead and resolve to drink more water, take more walks, and send more love letters.  But don't let those promises stop you from savoring where you are, right now.  Your life is a gift.  Happy New Year!  

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  1. Barbara Smith1/11/2010

    Yeah for 2010 and new goals! You are always an inspiration to me and I'm thankful each and every day for your friendship. (((hugs))) Barbara