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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Day That She Left Tulsa

So I was boarding my plane in Tulsa this morning, heading off to Pittsburgh for a long-awaited weekend of total photographic immersion with some of the most creative minds in children's photography. But, it was 8 am and, not feeling that creative or inspired yet, it took me a minute to recognize this tall Oklahoma boy in front of me. And maybe it took a peek at his boarding pass, just to make sure. (Actually, first, I noticed his guitar and wondered how, as a member of Southwest's boarding group B, he was going to find an overhead bin with enough storage room left for more than a rolled up paper-blanket, much less a guitar.) Looking back, I wonder if I should have bought him a Starbucks in exchange for a sweet serenade of this song, about - what else - today's plans.

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