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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Christmas is coming!

I haven't even posted my summer favorites yet and it's already time to start thinking about the holidays! I am excited to announce that I'm finalizing the details of my Holiday Mini Sessions - and I've been so inspired by the possibilities this year that I'm holding TWO different groups of sessions. One theme is perfect for children, and the other is just right for everyone: children, families, couples . . . even the family furbaby. I'm assembling creative packages with custom holiday cards, gift prints, a fabulous new photo product that is exclusive to Kaycee Deen Photography, a little something extra special just for you, and more. I'll help you get holiday cards, Christmas gifts and family portraits checked off your list all in one day! Since these Mini Sessions will be held at outdoor locations, there are limited slots due to the season's ever-changing light. Stay tuned!!

P.S. Make a resolution this year to share your Christmas wishes with Saint Nick at Utica Square in Tulsa - he is the real deal. I know this because even I, a thirty-something, got butterflies. When I photographed him, I fumbled between f-stops and shutter speeds like I'd never seen a camera before. I decided to admit the obvious - "I'm nervous!" - and his elf grinned, "Well of course. It's Santa!" No doubt about it.


  1. Wendy Rollins10/10/2008

    So - is one of those sessions in Little Rock? Oh, if we could only be so lucky.... The portraits you took of Maylee on the beach are my favorite pictures of her - ever. And you know we've had A LOT of pictures taken. They are still, by far, the very best....

  2. Hi Wendy! Thank you so much! I was just thinking of you (how is it that you and I always do that) - I spent the first half of my week on Treasure Beach/St. Pete Beach. Of course, I thought about your sweet Maylee and how much bigger she probably is by now. Let's give it some thought to see how we can get you in some Christmas cards. {wink}

  3. wendy rollins10/13/2008

    We'd LOVE it! And she is big - you wouldn't believe how big...and still sweet ;o).