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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moments of Opportunity

To improve the golden moment of opportunity, and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life.
Samuel Johnson

Most of the boxes are unpacked. Our new address stamp is here. We know the name of our mailman (Randy) and the best place to find fresh seafood (The Yellow Umbrella). New routines have started to etch their patterns into our mornings. A season has passed, and our window views have changed from blue hydrangeas to crimson leaves. Everything seems to be transitioning along in our new city. Well, most things.

Tragically, my photographic portfolio thinks we still live in Oklahoma. I forgot to tell it we moved. It's happily filled with midwestern meadows, mid-town portraits (like the one above), and downtown weddings. However, it's time for these lovely photos to squish together a little tighter and make some room for the newcomers on the aisle. Lovely, photogenic Richmond awaits.

So please help me improve this golden moment of opportunity - this mid-Atlantic autumn - by allowing my camera to meet some of Richmond's beautiful residents and locations. In honor of our recent move, this gorgeous season, and some utterly charming new props, I'm creating some limited modeling opportunities. All sessions (clothing and props) will be styled by me, based on the location and theme of the session; some sessions may require your purchase of a few accessories or items of clothing. In return, your session fee and minimum purchase requirement are waived, and you will be compensated for your time with a complimentary 11x14 print. (Birth sessions will be compensated with a photo collection.) A model release is required. Additional prints may be purchased at regular prices.

I'm looking for models for several sessions:
- a boy or girl aged 4-5 for a back-to-school session;
- a group of up to 3 boys or girls aged 2-10 for a vintage holiday session;
- boys or girls aged 2-10 with a new pet; and
- 'anticipating' parents for maternity, birth and newborn sessions.

To be considered for selection, please send your or your child's name, age and a snapshot to kayceedeen [at] Richmond - I can't wait to get acquainted!


  1. Wendy Rollins11/10/2009

    Maylee would do it if we lived in Richmond! In a heartbeat :).

  2. Ohhh - Wendy! I wish, I wish!