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Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Perfect

As I sit here editing my last photo session from Oklahoma, it is with more than a little nostalgia. Of course, days before we moved (we moved, you say?? yes - that's what my absentee slip says, actually - but it's a story for another day), I found the perfect location for sessions.

It is a 360 degree view of gorgeous Oklahoma meadow: fluffy, organic, gentle grasses, rhythmically rolling in a spring breeze.

It seemed as if you could throw a stone and change the ripples.

There was a bendy gravel drive, crunchy like granola ...

... leading to a country gate.

Then there were perfect purple flowers ...

... and the warm morning sun, and the river, lazy in the distance. And, in the center of it all, there was this girl.

Who, despite the sun and the warmth and the glory of a new morning, completely lit up the day. She captivated all of us - her little cheeks squishing up in happy laughter to The Wheels On The Bus Go 'Round and 'Round, to Mom and Dad performing like only parents can, and especially to a certain doll being wildly castigated from the group, because this girl doesn't understand why "certain doll" is blonde instead of brunette.

Elizabeth, she's more perfect than any purple flower. Thank you for inviting me to know her.


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