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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oklahoma is OK

But California is spectacular. Can our journey down the Pacific Coast Highway sustain my spirit for another year? I hope. Quaint B&Bs, cool coastal air, single span bridges, a petit syrah or two (or three - hey, you have to taste several to compare the complexities - I just wish they'd find you a chair after you start to get wobbly and feed the winery dog your crackers), a stroll through a redwood grove . . . it was a dream vacation. When we were there, we were inspired. Inspired to hike for the best view, to eat the freshest foods (California cuisine - now I get it), to search the sea foam for the cutest otter, to watch the sunset, to breathe deep and enjoy our life.

Because I won't get to edit enough images for a bloggy slideshow until at least Sunday, I opened a random image folder from our vacation and grabbed these two. I'm certainly no landscape photographer, but Northern California did most of the work for me. If you like these, I have great things in store for you.


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