As a wedding and portrait photographer, I strive to create images that tell the story of your life with beauty and grace, respect and imagination. Foregoing forced smiles and stiff poses, I embrace natural smiles and expressions in order to create images that have a unique freshness and vitality and a heartfelt and emotional authenticity.

Welcome to my blog!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

My New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! Somewhat of a traditionalist, I still prefer film over digital, letters over email and CDs over iPods, but I am excited to whole-heartedly share my passion for photography with bloggers everywhere. Please be patient while I get my blogging shoes on ... I'll see you soon!


  1. I am so proud of you Kaycee! These are beautiful.

  2. Anonymous2/05/2007

    These are so awesome, KC!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous2/05/2007

    The "anonymous" comment was me trying to figure out how to comment!! Love ya! Court

  4. Barbara2/28/2007

    This is AWESOME Kaycee, I'm so proud of you!!!

  5. I have your web site bookmarked and will check in often to view your photos.

  6. Anonymous10/23/2007

    I love your site! Great job on the pics! I can't wait for you to do some of Emily! Love, Shannon

  7. Jon & Margo1/29/2008

    KC... The combination of highly inspired & incredibly talented comprises one of the most powerful elements of our great world. We have visions of you levitating into success while inspiring others to follow their own dreams. Your photography is breathtaking. We are SO proud of you.